Non-Fae in the Court of Carriages

Michael Swift is a normal human.  Well, normal is a relative term.  Michael borders on paranoid.  He knew that the truth was out there before Scully and Mulder were a twinkle in Chris Carter's eye.  He's fanatically obsessed with the paranomal, spending most of his time maintaining a website which publishes all credible reports of monsters, ghosts, aliens, government plots, etc.   Amazingly, he's actually published some rather accurate reports on the supernatural inhabitants of the World of Darkness from time to time.  It's also rumored that he also keeps  a pretty decent library and museum of the paranormal in his basement.    

For some reason, Michael is fixated on the Fae more than any of his other 'hidden forces'.  And not only is he particulary obsessed with them, he wants to destroy them.  This hatred, coupled with his apparent knowledge of Fae customs, makes him an ever present danger in the County.  The Count has ordered all Fae to avoid him at any cost. A picture of Michael Swift may be viewed at his website.

Fr. David Medera is an Eshu Kinain.  He is currently the pastor of St. Matthew's Church in downtown Flint.  Fr. Medera is a priest of the Augustinian order.  He discovered his Fae lineage while travelling to the Holy Land on a pilgrimage.   He has been a friend to the Fae of the Court of Carriages since his arrival in town five years ago.  He offers sanctuary to any who need it.  The Count recognizes Fr. Medera's church as a safe haven.

It's rumoured that Fr. Medera may have other supernatural ties beyond the Fae, but no one knows for sure what these ties are.

Misty Williams is bartender at Big Steve's Karaoke Bar and Grill. She also is a Sidhe Kinain, and a student at the Alante School of Modelling. She really enjoys working at Steve's, and thinks of Big Steve as an uncle, but dreams of making it big in the world. Big Steve liked her fiery personality (which matches her long curly red hair) the moment he met her. The fact that she was kinain sealed her employment at his bar. Although Big Steve really hates to see her go, he knows the values of dreams all to well and helps Misty in whatever way he can with her modelling career.

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