The Last Carriage Out: The Story

"You glorify the past when the future dries up..."

-U2, "God, Part II"

For years, the Glamour in Flint has been scarce as the dreams of the mortal inhabitants have turned in on themselves. No one looks forward to the future anymore, but rather glorifies the 'good old days' when the town was in an economic boom time. Jobs were plentiful then, the town was beautiful, and General Motors was here to stay. Nowadays, however, people are moving out, the unemployment rate is at an all time high, and General Motors is leaving Flint behind like a cheap whore on the morning after. But instead of looking forward and dreaming positively for a good future, the citizens of Flint have all but given up hope.

That's why the reports of strange chimerical happenings have taken the Changeling community of the Court of Carriages by storm. Random chimera are running amuck and creating havoc. Glimpses of chimerical forests and cities that appear briefly. Rumors of Nunnehi returning to reclaim the land that was originally theirs. Most disturbing of all, though, are some unconfirmed reports that some of this Dreaming activity has been witnessed by mortals. Has someone broken the Escheat, or is this Glamour the likes of which has not been known for centuries? Count Airlyn Midsummer is quite curious about these Glamourous happenings.

Rest assured that when the rumors of this newfound wellspring of Glamour gets out to the other Courts of Michigan, outsiders will begin to flock in. The Commoners want to avoid a replay of the Accordance War, and the Nobles want to get to the bottom of this so they can stake out their claim before the vein runs dry.

Come and join the intrique!

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