The History of Changelings in Flint

The Court of Carriages has undergone a revolutionary change in power in the past thirty years. From its inception through the middle of this century, Flint and Genesee County were a bastion of Glamour, with room for all Fae, Seelie and Unseelie alike. Dreams abounded in the middle of Michigan in the 19th Century, as new villages sprung up out of the forests along the rivers, streams, and lakes. The industries of farming, trapping, hunting, and fishing in mid-Michigan quickly made way for the carriage and, later, the automotive industry in Flint. The possibilities seemed endless as hordes of immigrants built shanty towns for chances at work in the shops. Their dreams fueled an active life for the European Fae, who moved in in droves, quickly taking the place of the native Nunnehi who were run out as the forests were cut down and new suburbs were built on top of the fields. Nockers, Trolls, and Boggans were naturally drawn to the earthy, hard working simple folk who settled in the area.

Modern History in the Court of Carriages

1950's - Fae society in the Flint area is wild and free. Glamour practically bubbles up from the cracks in the sidewalks. There is no Fae government to speak of; those who can take care of themselves do, those who can't join motleys. The motleys reflect the gangs of the era. Think "Westside Story". It's more about fast cars and image than crime. Life is good, hopes are sky high, and the future looks bright.

1966 - A dynamic young Troll named Grimvald Orenson came onto the scene. He was a natural leader, and admired by all, Seelie and Unseelie alike. Through a great adventure, he discovered a powerful sleeping freehold that he rekindled and claimed in the name of all Fae in the area. He was named protector and owner of the freehold, and nominal leader of the area. He was viewed as fair and just, and most parties of major disputes came to him to have them resolved. He was also known as a great warrior, and led many adventures into the Near and Far Dreaming, as well as defending those of the Flint area from wild Chimera and Nervosa.

July 1969 - The Resurgance. The Sidhe break through from Arcadia, and are drawn to the shining Glamour of Flint like moths to a flame. At first, they were welcomed with open arms, since there was Glamour to spare. But it didn't take too long for the Commoners to figure out that the Sidhe were dividing up the area between themselves. Soon they were asserting their natural right to rule. The Commoners, understandably, didn't take too kindly to this. The fighting was bitter and long, but, as with most of the rest of Concordia, the Sidhe prevailed.

Samhain 1971 - Roderick Silvertresses of House Eulined comes out on top of the Sidhe battle for supremacy. He is acknowledged as victor and named Count of the Court of Carriages by the Duke of the Court of Straits (Detroit).

Early 1970's - The first few years of Sidhe rule were very tense. Disgruntled Commoners refused to cooperate with the arrogant nobles. Count Roderick Silvertresses struggled to keep the peace during these years as disputes between Commoners and Nobles often erupted into street fighting. Grimvald became a hero as he lead Commoner patrols on ambushes against the Sidhe forces and supply depots. In addition, there is open infighting among the Nobles as political factions splinter over how to best rule.

May 1975 Beltaine Eve - The Count is assassinated by an as yet unknown assailant. The Commoners and Nobles blame each other for the death. No one to date has claimed responsibility.

May 1975 Beltaine Day - Sidhe knights burst in on Commoner Beltaine celebrations and slaughter innocents. The Sidhe claim that they had evidence that the assassin was among those killed, but when pressed to give this evidence, they refuse. Total anarchy breaks out as the disorganized Commoners make guerilla raids on Noble holdings and Nobles fight among themselves for the right to claim the throne.

July 1975 - Kiril Dawnbreaker, Sidhe knight of House Liam, comes to the Court, but first approaches Grimvald Orenson. He promises to bring peace to the Court and rule justly if Grimvald will rally the Commoners under him. Grimvald, having seen Sidhe treachery all too often, agrees, but on the condition that Kiril takes an oath with him that he will be a just ruler, and that he allow Grimvald to keep his freehold as a sanctuary for any Glamourous being. Kiril takes the oath. Grimvald rallies the Commoners, and the war goes on for another year. The Sidhe are entrenched in their freeholds

July 4, 1976 - Kiril Dawnbreaker leads the Commoners to victory at the Battle of Kearsley Park. The opposing Sidhe, hopelessly outnumbered, surrender and swear fealty to Kiril Dawnbreaker. Mortal bystanders watch the battle with glee, thinking it's some kind of Revolutionary War re-enactment. Grimvald Orenson, however, is gravely wounded by the cold iron-tippted arrow of a Sidhe archer. Since he was already a Grump, he could not stave off the poisonous effects of the Banal metal for long. Before he is undone, he calls Mikel Thunderfist, a young Troll whom he mentored, and Kiril Dawnbreaker to his side to renew the oath. Mikel Thunderfist also vows to slay the Sidhe who undid his mentor.

Late 1970's - 1980's - General Motors, the main employer in town, starts to turn its eye from making cars to cutting costs. Engineers, frustrated by tight budgets, cut corners wherever they can in the design process. Line workers become disgruntled because they are made to build poor quality cars. How can you have pride in your work if you know the product sucks? Inevitably, sales of GM cars plummet as consumers look for cheaper priced and better quality cars from overseas manufacturers. This causes major layoffs at the plants, which sends out a wave of Banality across the County from the despair and hopelessness felt by the workers and their families. Glamour plummets. Count Kiril, however, continues to be a friend to the Commoners. He distributes Glamour freely, and welcomes any into his Court. His basic policy is that Glamour propogates Glamour. That is, he believed that the more Glamour is spent, the more Glamour is created.

Midsummer 1987 - A new Sidhe of House Gwydion, Airlyn Midsummer, Chrysalizes and is brought to Court by the apprentice of the Court Historian. Airlyn is a young pre-law student at U of M Flint. Count Kiril takes a shining to the young Sidhe, and immediately mentors him. Kiril tells his confidants that he sees Airlyn as his successor.

Late 1980's - As the Glamour continues to decrease, Airlyn Midsummer starts to become more and more critical of Count Kiril's policies, especially his liberalness with Glamour. He spends months researching, building up a case against Kiril. Meanwhile, he hobnobs with the Sidhe who were defeated at the Spirit of '76 uprising, and gains most of their support.

1992 - Carnival - Airlyn begins his campaign by openly challenging Count Kiril's rule in open Court. He reads a list of charges that accuse the Count of frivolously wasting Glamour, as well as several charges of breaking the Escheat. Kiril defends himself well, dismissing the charges, but the line has been drawn in the sand.

1992 - Samhain - After months of hot debate, Airlyn tosses down the gauntlet at Samhain festivities at the County Palace. Count Kiril declares Airlyn to be a rebel and outlaw. Airlyn declares war upon Count Kiril. The battles begin the next day.

1992 - New Year's Eve - Most of the County is split up evenly between the two camps. The last major freehold is Hollygrove, the site of the Renaissance Festival. Count Kiril's troops, aided by the support of Mikel Thunderfist and the Commoners, have dug in. However, the ramparts are soon breached by Airlyn's troops, who have support from the Duchy of the Straits. They sweep through Hollygrove. The battle reaches its climax as Count Kiril challenges Airlyn to one-on-one battle in the jousting arena. The melee lasts for hours, but Airlyn eventually brings Kiril to his knees. Airlyn offers the Count death or exile. Kiril chooses exile, and has not been seen in the County since. No one knows his current whereabouts.

1993 - Carnival - Airlyn Midsummer is officially bestowed with the title Count of the Court of Carriages. He declares that all owners of freeholds or major treasures have the option of swearing fealty to him or to have them taken away. He sets the tone of his reign by proclaiming the Five Missives to be the law of the County.

October 10, 1999 11:23 AM What can only be described as a shockwave of Glamour washes over the County. Many new Changelings undergo an immediate Chrysalis, causing the existing Fae community to scramble to mentor them before too much damage can be done. After the intial burst, the ambient Glamour of the County dipped back down to normal, but has been slowly increasing since then. Strange new chimerae have been sighted. On Fae holidays, the Near Dreaming seems to bleed over into the Autumn world. Fae from outside the County have started moving in to investigate the rumors of ample Glamour. There have even been rumors of some Nunnehi showing up.

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