Places in the Court of Carriages

Here are several places in the County where Changelings gather.

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County Freehold

In the World of Darkness, Autoworld was not torn down. Shut down, yes; torn down, no. The main floor of the freehold is a chimerical amusement park. There are merry-go-rounds and other easy rides for Childings, and some roller coasters for Wilders. At the heart of the amusement park is a gateway that leads into the palace proper. The gateway actually opens into the Near Dreaming, where the palace resides.

The Freehold Cafe

This cafe is run by Bem Miriagrin, Boggan extraordinaire. It looks like a dive, so most of the people who stop in are college students or others who don't have much money. Yuppies aren't attracted to it because it's not fashionable, families aren't attracted to it because it's a dive, and shop workers won't go because there's no booze or naked women.

The front room is where mundane customers are seated, but all Fae have an open invitation to the Back Room. It's much nicer, the service is better, and, of course, it's a place for Fae to kick back and let their hair down, ears and horns out, etc. There are comfortable booths, a couple of antique oak tables, and an number of cushy couches and chairs to relax in. A mundane fire crackles all winter in a hearth in this room.

The main room schedules poetry readings and live music quite frequently.

The Freehold Cafe is located in downtown Flint on Saginaw Street, right across the street from Waterstreet Pavillion.


The site of the Michigan Renaissance Festival. It used to produce huge amounts of Glamour when it first started, but since then it's become quite commerical and the banality increases with each new sponsor brought on board. However, it is still a major freehold, owned and operated by the County. Many Changeling holiday festivals are celebrated there, weather permitting. This freehold was nominally 'given' to the Commoners by Count Airlyn; that is, it is governed by a Commoner, but it's actually administrated by the County. Because of the rich Glamour of the area, even in the leaner times, there are a number of trods which enter and leave Hollygrove, and at times of high holidays, the mortal world and the Near Dreaming tend to meld very closely together.

Lost Treasures

Lost Treasures is a used bookstore specializing in antique and out of print books. It is owned and operated by Lady Margaret (Maggie) Galruth, Court Historian for Count Airlyn Midsummer. One of the back rooms of the store is arranged as a comfortable living room with lots of oversized pillows and a small balefire. Lost Treasures is located in downtown Flint.

Rusty's Hobby Shop

Rusty's Hobby Shop in Davison, MI specializes in role playing games, card games, comic books, and antique board games. The owner, Rusty Klinkenhammer, is a Grump Nocker, who protects the hobby shop since it is a freehold, and the home of a Childling Motley called The Gamers' Guild.

St. Matthew's Church

Fr. David Medera, an Augustinian priest, is currently associate pastor of this church. Since he is kinain, he offers sanctuary to any Fae or other Glamourous beings who require it. The Count has recognized the church as a safe haven, and to date has not forced Fr. Madera to turn over anyone who has claimed sanctuary within the church walls. Fr. Madera has a special room set up in the Church's basement for his guests. The church is located in downtown Flint, one block west of Saginaw Street behind the Radisson Hotel.

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Freddie's Used Junk

Freddie's Used Junk is part junkyard, part antique store, part used military equipment. If you're looking for spare parts for just about anything, Freddie's is the place for you.

The basement, however is for 'special freakin' clientele, only'. Freddie and his two apprentices run a chimerical factory. They'll make *anything*, for the right price. Freddie, under special arrangement with the Count, also has run-down treasures and other Glamourous items that he uses for spare parts. There is a smithy that produces armor and weapons, both archaic and modern. They also make chimerical devices. One of their specialties is the chimerical camera, which allows the user to take color snapshots of chimerical items and people. Of course, the photos are completely chimerical, and so only Fae and enchtanted beings can see them.

Freddie's used junk is located on the corner of Pierson and Saginaw streets.

Raphael's Rare and Used

This store and its owner are as mysterious as its name. Raphael Jones, an Eshu, only opens the store for about a month or two at a time. The rest of the year, he's travelling to the far corners of the earth and to parts unknown of the Dreaming to bring back all sorts of odd relics. He has been known to quest for certain items, for the right price.

Raphael's Rare and Used is located on a winding dirt road off of East Maple Road, east of Irish Road.

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams is a day spa owned by Marlyna Windfeather, a Sidhe of House Fiona. Besides receiving the "royal treatment" at the hands of her assistants, Winston MacGregor the Satyr aromatherapy specialist and senior masseuse Emma Fairweather the Boggan, one can purchase incense, candles, and a variety of essential oils. Treatment at the spa is quite pricey, but for the Fae of the County in need of a day of pampering, Marlyna has been known to work out a barter. Summer Dreams is located in downtown Linden, about 15 minutes southeast of Flint.

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is an occult bookstore and magick supply shop in Swartz Creek. The owner, Kasimir Chararisan the Sluagh, enjoys raising the hackles of mortals who have nothing better to do than harass pracitioners of "The Black Arts". One can purchase spell ingredients, books on the occult, magick paraphernalia, clothing and piercings at the store. Kasimir is known among the Fae community as a knowledgeable sorcerer, and can teach most Arts and Realms for a price.

Reggie's Drive-In

The last of the true drive-in restaurants from the 1950's, Reggie's Drive-In is a favorite for Fae and mortal car enthusiasts alike. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights classic car enthusiasts gather at Reggie's to show off their hotrods, talk cars, and have a good time.

Reggie's Drive-In is located on M-15 in downtown Davison.

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Strawberry Kisses

Dort Highway is pretty much synonymous with hookers and strip joints. Celiclya Merriweather, a cat pooka, got in on the game. She opened up Strawberry Kisses as a 'classy alternative' to the smut up and down Dort Highway. It's a pretty popular place, because the most beautiful girls in town work there. Celiclya pays the best around, too. The place is clean and, so far, has avoided trouble with the law.

Big Steve's Karaoke Bar and Grill

Big Steve worked in the factory. He was just a normal guy, until he and the guys went out to the bar one night, got smashed, and started singing karaoke. Big Steve Chrysalized that night into a Troll. He decided that it was a sign from God that he shouldn't be a factory worker anymore, so he bought the bar. Every Friday night, he opens the bar to Fae customers and their guests only. And, if encouraged, Big Steve will make an appearanced to come out and sing his signature piece, "My Way."

Big Steve's Karaoke Bar and Grill is located across the street from the Truck and Bus plant on Bristol Road, just off the I-69/I-75 interchange.

The Hot Rock Cafe

The Hot Rock Cafe is located in downtown Flint. Wilders who are into local pop and metal bands hang out here a lot. It is a full-fledged bar, so minors are not served alcohol or legally allowed in after 9PM. Of course, clever Changelings can get around this if they want to.

Local 351

For those who enjoy edgier local music and performance art, Local 351 is the place to be. It's a hole in the wall in a back alley in downtown Flint where teens can hang out and listen to their friends jam.

The Spider Trap

The Spider Trap, located in Clio, is a biker bar that specializes in loose women, live heavy metal, cheap beer, and motorcycle paraphernalia. Although owned by a mortal, this is a favorite hangout for Wilders who like to live on the wild side.

Pain and Pleasure

This is the darkest of the dark clubs in Flint. Entrance is only allowed if your name is on the list, and you can only get on the list if you know a current member and convince them that you should be allowed in. Pain and Pleasure is rumoured to be huge on extreme S&M, leather fetishes, hard core industrial music, and heavy drugs. There have also been a number of missing person cases that seem to dead end at the club. The police want desperately to raid the place and shut it down, but somehow the warrants they need have been elusive. This club is the main hangout of Bloodgut the Redcap's gang The Detroit Street Thugs, and it's heavily rumoured that their late night cravings for human flesh are the reason for the disappearances attributed to the club. P&P is a black windowless building with a heavy metal door located on Dort Highway just north of Atherton Road.

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The Flint Cultural center is a nice breather from the banality of normal life in Flint. Granted, it's no Guggenhiem, but it's pretty okay for a museum complex. It includes the Flint Institute of Art, which displays local artwork and crafts, as well as national exhibits now and again, the Flint Institute of Music, where people take music/dance/voice lessons, and which offers recitals pretty regularly, the Whiting Auditorium for plays and concerts, the Sloan Museum, historical/technological, the Longway Planetarium, and the Flint Library.

Chesaning Showboat

Okay, so it's tacky. So there it's mostly visited by bluehairs. But it's so campy it's Glamourous. Baron Raridan rents out the boat once a summer for a Fae-only party. He finds out who the most outlandish and washed-up performer is going to be, and rents it for one night of his performance. Most often, the entertainer is enchanted for the evening. This night has actually sparked new life into a couple of careers.

Atwood Stadium/IMA Sports Arena

In the World of Darkness, Flint has an semi-pro football team, the Flint Falcons, and a semi-pro baseball team, the Flint Transmission. The Flint Generals also exist as a hockey team. There are a couple of Fae players on each team, and Fae sports fans show up to support the teams. Among the mortals, all the sports teams have pretty loyal support. The Falcons have made it to the regional semi-finals the past two years in a row, and look good to make it to the the finals this year. The Transmission aren't a championship team, but they play better than the Tigers. The Generals have won the championship for the past two years, and seem to be on the fast track to win it again this year.

Clio Amphitheater

The Clio Amphitheater is host to a number of 'Concert in the Park' series each summer. In addition to national entertainers (slightly up the ladder from the Chesaning Showboat), as well as productions of musicals by local players.

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