Faces Around the Court of Carriages

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Court Faces

Count Airlyn Midsummer

Baron Reridan Preilin - Barony of Flags

Baron Vodan Wicedririn - Barony of Orchards

Baroness Miriam ap Gwydion - Barony of Horses

Baroness Edien Falede - Barony of the Hen

Maggie Galruth - Court Historian

Robert the Wise - Court Seer

Flit - Court Messenger

Alfredo Virmicelli - Captain of the Guard

Brach Rognus - Sheriff


Common Faces

Mikel Thunderfist

Ed Konivich

Martin "Wellsby" Weatherford



Grigor "Snarly" Renchnik

Big Steve

Kit and Kat McPhee

Allen Siriah

Marlyna Windfeather

Winston MacGregor

Emma Fairweather

Rusty Klinkenhammer



Michael Swift

Father David Medera

Misty Williams

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