Faces in the Court

Count Airlyn Midsummer - Airlyn Midsummer is the Count of the Court of Carriages, and has been for about five years. To the mundane world, he is Eric Britsfield, a very successful lawyer in the Flint area. He's actually been offered partnerships in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and L.A., but has turned them all down with the excuse, "Even small town people need good representation." He has never lost a case. He will represent anyone with enough money, and will take some cases (especially Fae clients) gratis. He won't try to get a guilty man off scott free, but will try to make sure that he gets a fair trial. Humans have mixed opinions about him, because his cases tend to be very public and very controversial. The Fae view him as a fair leader. As with his mortal mein, he has made some controversial decisions and policies, but few Fae in the County complain about the status quo.

The main theme of his reign has been "Preserve Glamour." He welcomes all new Glamourous beings to his Court with great joy. He's very concerned with making sure that newly Chrysalized Changelings get proper mentoring so that they may develop their Fae selves to their fullest potential. With his mortal influence, he works to bring as many Galmourous events to Flint as possible. He's well known as a patron of the arts, and has also sponsored sporting events, car shows, and other activities that promise to produce Glamour. He also takes threats to the Glamourous beings of his County very seriously. Any time there is a rampaging Chimera, Autumn Person, Dauntain, or any other tangible threat, he responds as quickly as possible to remove this threat from his County.

The darker side of preserving Glamour is that he hoards it. Any treasure or Glamourous item that is unclaimed is brought to the Court and placed under lock and key in his museum. This includes personal items as well as items that come through on tours, such as art tours, book tours, etc. He only parts with these items if a Fae is about to go on a great quest or if they can prove that they have a claim to them. The doors to the museum are closed to all but Count Airlyn and his guests, except on Fae Holidays, when he allows access to all.

Although he does care very much about every Fae, he still has a very traditional understanding of Fae roles. Sidhe are Sidhe, and everyone else isn't. Although most of his close advisors are not Sidhe, he does not consider any of them to be friends. He basically understands that Nobles belong with Nobles, and Commoners belong with Commoners. It's honestly nothing personal, it's just the way it is.

Fae description: Airlyn Midsummer is about 6' 4" tall and has an athletic build. His almond-shaped eyes are green as the grass of deep summer. His features are soft, if a bit arrogant. He wears his hair to just below his shoulders. It is the color of cornsilk, and soft as a gentle breeze. His clothing is of the highest Fae fashion, usually comfortably tight. He prefers bright colors, but not obnoxiously so. Click here to see a picture of the Count.

Mortal description: Eric Britsfield is in his late twenties. He's got blonde hair, green eyes, and a killer smile. He's about 6 feet tall with an athletic build. He's always dressed in the latest fashion, whether in a casual or formal situation


Baron Reridan Preilin The Barony of Flags is ruled by Baron Reridan Preilin of House Fiona. It encompasses Burton, Davison, Lapeer, and Grand Blanc Township east of Belsay Road. Baron Preilin is known for his generous hospitality, both Glamourous and mundane. He has a weakness for gossip, and can be viewed as a somewhat reliable source for rumours in the County, although he likes to spice up boring rumours with extra details, just to make a good story. His freehold is in an old farmhouse in Davison.

Baron Reridan resembles one of the dark Celts in appearance.  He's got shoulder length raven black hair and bright green eyes.  He usually wears comfortable but fashionable clothes in his Faerie mein.  A picture here gives you an example.


Baron Vodan Wicedririn The Barony of Orchards is ruled by Baron Vodan Wicedririn. It is made up of Grand Blanc, Holly, Grand Blanc Township, Fenton, and Linden. He is of House Dougal, and, like the others of his House, he has a physical deformity - one eye is gone. Baron Vodan is a loner. He knows that Mikel Thunderfist is the true power in his Barony, but is actually on friendly terms with him. Mikel knows that if there is ever a threat to the Barony, he can rely on Baron Vodan for any support, militarily or resource-wise. Baron Vodan lives in an old country farmhouse in Linden, which also serves as his freehold. He uses the fruit from his orchards, cherries and apples, to make wine and brandy for the court. He also has a chimerical orchard and vineyard in the Near Dreaming near his Freehold, from which he makes the most delicate of liquers for the delicate palate of the Fae connoisseur. A picture of him may be viewed here.


Baroness Miriam ap Gwydion The Barony of Horses is ruled by Baroness Miriam Ap Gwydion. It is made up of Swartz Creek, Flushing, Owosso, and Lake Fenton. Baronness Miriam is a solid leader, well liked by the Commoners in her see. She's got a level head on her shoulders. She does not share the Count's conservative policies on Glamour, but does enforce those policies in her Barony. While she is not an adventurer, she does not hesitate to defend the inhabitants of her realm from danger. She once ventured into the Far Dreaming to retreive some chimerical herbs to save the Fae soul of a Childling from cold iron poisoning. Her freehold is a two pointer under the racetrack in Swartz Creek. Here is a nice picture of the Baroness.


Baroness Edein Falede The Barony of the Hen is ruled by Baroness Edein Falede of House Liam. It is made up of Clio, Mt. Morris, and Frankenmuth. In her mortal seeming, Evelyn Summers is the daughter of a rich man. She has never known want. She goes to Powers Catholic High School, where she is currently a junior. She and her father live on a country estate outside of Clio, where they have lots of land, horses, etc. She is a cheerleader and she also swims. She runs with the popular crowd, but the shallowness usually associated with them is only a facade. She's actually a pretty nice person, with a solid core. She has a slipped seeming: pointed ears, which she tries to hide under her long blonde hair. In her Fae mein, Baronness Edein Falede is the newest of the royalty in the County. She is a bit naive, but extremely kind. She was forced to take over the reign of the Barony when the former Baron, Wylan, was killed in a duel with Bloodgut the Redcap. Wylan was her mentor, and Count Airlyn has assigned his helper, Myrdwin Rantek, to be her new mentor, and to help oversee the Barony until she gets up to speed. You can see a picture of the Baroness here.


Lady Margaret Galruth Maggie is the Court Historian, and quite well-informed about what's going on in the Court and in the County. Being a Boggan, she's a homebody by nature, and enjoys spending her days immersed in lore and research, or gathering information from others about the County (aka gossiping). One of Maggie's most important roles for the Count is that of finder of lost treasures and new sources of Glamour. Nowadays she prefers to do all the library work, and sends one of her many underlings on the actual quest, unless it's for something quite important. The Count Knighted her after such a quest and granted her a minor freehold, which to mortal eyes is an antique bookstore called Lost Treasures. Her mundane life consists of running this bookstore and teaching a few history classes at UofM Flint. She has written a few books herself, but no one besides other historians find them very interesting.


Robert the Wise is the Court Seer.  Count Airlyn relies heavily upon not only his ability to peer into the future, but also his keen understanding of human and Fae nature.  He uses elaborate rituals and arcane magical treasures to scry secrets from the unknown.  It is rumored that he has contacts among the dead who bring him knowledge from beyond the grave. 

This grump Boggan has appeared to be teetering over the edge of the precepace of Undoing for many many years.  His face is a roadmap of wrinkles; his eyes are two dark shiny spots peeping out from below heavily sagging brows.  He's given no regard for fashion, mortal or Fae, for at least a decade.  He usually wears warm clothes, even in the dog days of summer.  No one has ever seen him outside of the County Freehold, and thus his ability to ward off Bedlam is a great reason for gossip among the members of the Court.


Flit the Never is the official Court Messenger.   She is able to get anywhere, almost instantaneously.  She is first and foremost the servant of the Count, but other members of the Court are allowed to use her on occasion.  Flit can carry up to three pounds at a time, although she's no bigger than an Wilder's palm.

Flit appears, at first, as a small ball of light with  golden pixie dust trailing behind her.  She is accompanied by the sound .  When she reaches the recipient of the message, the ball of light coalesces into a small winged pixie.  She is also capable of speech, and has a photographic memory, so she never misquotes or forgets a message.  She is unable to postulate on a message's meaning or the sender's intent.   Flit has the ability to speak any language.


Sir Alfredo Virmicelli is the Captain of the Guard for the County palace.   He is renown among the Fae of The Court of Carriages as an honorable soul and a fierce combatant.  He is utterly loyal to Count Airlyn.  If a person asks him his opinion on one of the Count's policies or decrees, he will respond, "His Highness has spoken."  He does not feel it's his place to form an opinion on policy; it's his job to protect the Count and keep the peace in the palace.  He has studied many different forms of martial arts, both melee and hand-to-hand, lethal and disabling.  While many bar jockeys may claim to know 150 ways to disembowel a man with a popsicle stick, Sir Alfredo actually does, and has proven this ability in the past.

Sir Alfredo, while no Troll, is still a rather imposing figure.  He stands almost seven feet tall, and his frame is lean and muscular.  He moves with cat-like grace, and his eye is ever vigilant.  His raven black hair is cropped short in military style, and he is always clean shaven.  He carries a chimerical long sword and a chimercal dagger at all times.  His armament is of dragon scale, of the same sort that the Count wears.  A light green cloak usually hangs from his shoulders.


Brach Rognus is the Sheriff for the Court of Carriages. This satyr is tenacious in pursuit of a felon, and completely dedicated to the law of the County. His methods are questionable, as he has no concern for the rights of the accused (as Americans understand those rights), and more than a few complaints have been brought to the Count regarding Sheriff Rognus' techniques. The Count has yet to publically answer these complaints, however.

Brach Rognus is a hearty Satyr. In his mortal seeming, Brach was a football player at Michigan State. He got his degree in Criminal Justice. He was a security guard at the Genesee Valley Mall until the Count asked him to be the Sheriff of the County. Brach has two chimerical wolves, gifts from the Count, which aid him in tracking down criminals. One wolf is able to sniff out Glamour, the other wolf has heightened senses. Brach only two deputies are Redcaps, but he has the legal authority to summon the aid of Sir Alfredo, Captain of the Guard.


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