Common Faces

Mikel Thunderfist Mikel owns a farm and 150 acres of land out in Goodrich,15 minutes by car southeast of Flint. Mikel is a Troll, and offers safe haven for all Fae and mortal alike who seek refuge from the Court of Carriages. Staunchly pro-commoner, he has an uneasy truce with Duke Airlyn. Thunderfist knows that he does not have the manpower to forge a war against Airlyn, and Airlyn considers Thunderfist to be no threat, since he mainly keeps to himself. However, Airlyn has tacitly backed up some raids by his Detroit Street Thugs on Thunderfists's farm when the Troll has given refuge to someone that Airlyn perceives to be particularly threatening politically. Mikel's farm is actually a mid-range freehold. The bale fire burns in the huge den/gathering hall he has built in his home. The only payment Thunderfist requests for his hospitality is that visitors help in some way with the chores.

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Ed Konivich: Ed is a muskrat Pooka who is Mikel Thunderfists's closest companion. Ed acts as the head cook for the farm, and will take any childling refugees with him into the forest to forage for mushrooms, roots, and berries during the warmer months, or to go fishing on the lake on the back of the farm. Ed has a chimerical hound named Ralph.

Martin "Welsby" Weatherford: Pretty much a new arrival to Flint, this Boggan has become the curator of the Sloan Museum, the director of the Planetarium, and holds high positions in the FIA, FIM, the Whiting Auditorium, and the Library. His goal is to breathe new life into the arts and sciences in Flint, hopefully generating more new generative Glamour in the process. He realizes what an uphill battle he's waging in this town that's so focused on its past, but, as a newcomer, he's pretty optimistic yet. Duke Airlyn is watching him closely, ready to leap upon any Glamour that does come from Welsby's efforts. Mikel Thunderfist has not visited him yet, but has heard of his efforts and is interested.

Maleficious: This sluagh Wilder has associated himself with the court for reasons that only he knows. He is the spy and source of Airlyn's knowledge of the events in the Court of Carriages. Maleficious is seemingly everywhere in the Court; words that you thought you shared in a private conversation or muttered to yourself in solitude often make it to Duke Airlyn's ear. In addition to his spying, Maleficious has two other main occupations: he is a mortician for the city coroner, and he loves to scare children. The former occupation allows him to get money to survive in the mortal world, as well as supplying him with various body parts he uses to invoke fear into others. The latter is the way that he gleans Glamour. While the "boogeyman" type scare, jumping out of the shadows and grabbing someone, does supply quick fixes of Glamour for him, he prefers to cultivate true terror over long periods of time. He finds a particular child with a fertile imagination, and haunts her for months. His hauntings have created some of the nastier nervosae that have run loose through the Court. Although he is nearly undetectable by vision or sound, a faint smell of death and fish lingers about him. By the time that most Fae catch the scent, Maleficious has already learned what he needs to know, and is gone.

Sergeant Bloodgut: This Redcap is the head of a redcap gang, the Detroit Street Thugs . His mettle was tested in the street gangs of Flint, where he has no peer in combat. He's legendary among the gangs for his ferocity, and has become an urban legend among the gangs in the Midwest

Grigor "Snarly" Renchnik: Snarly is known throughout the state for his mechanical ability, especially with automobiles. This Nocker was one of the Fae around who helped organize and implement the sit down strike at Fisher Body in Flint in the 1930's, which started the UAW. He's the invisible owner of Burton Auto Parts. He lets other people run the business, and has almost become a forgotten part of the place. He mostly sorts through the old junk cars for new parts, and effects 'miracle' repairs on cars that the mortal mechanics have given up on. He tends toward the Unseelie end of the scale, but holds no allegiance or preference for the Court or Commoners, as long as he's left alone to his cars. He will do special work for Fae's autos, but he requires payment in Dross.

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Big Steve: This Troll is owner of Big Steve's Bar and Grill on Bristol Road. He's a friendly old Grump who is willing to help anyone in need, although he doesn't go on quests much anymore. You can find out more about Big Steve's Bar and Grill here.

Kit and Kat McPhee: Kit and Kat are twin cat Pookas who work as waitresses in Big Steve's Bar and Grill. They are very cute, and enjoy playing cat and mouse games with the factory workers who come in for lunch or for a few beers after work. A few mortals have boasted about bedding both of them at once, but Kit and Kat have never openly confirmed or denied the rumors.

Allen Siriah: Allen is a Satyr who runs Big Steve's karaoke nights Tuesday through Saturday. On Friday nights after 7PM the bar is closed to all but "special" clientelle, so the Fae can come let loose and have a good time. Allen enjoys using the Gift of Pan on these nights to work the crowd into what ever mood he wishes.

Marlyna Windfeather: Marlyna is a Sidhe of House Fiona who owns Summer Dreams, a day spa located in Linden. She arrived in the County of Carriages in 1992, and has managed to avoid most political conflict since that time. She remained neutral during the war between Kiril Dawnbreaker and Airlyn Midsummer, and refused title when Airlyn offered after his victory. She is quite reticent about her past, and does not answer to any title other than her name.

Winston MacGregor: If you want aromatherapy or other New Age treatments, Winston MacGregor is the Satyr to see. He operates Summer Dreams for Marlyna Windfeather, keeping the books balanced and the bills paid, but he also works with the over-stressed to bring them comfort. Most of his female clients' husbands don't like Winston too much because their wives are quiet eager to go see the charming healer.

Emma Fairweather: Emma is the Senior Masseuse at Summer Dreams. She has a reputation in both the mortal and Fae worlds as being able to work magic on tired muscles with her hands. She uses a combination of oils, herbs, and strong Boggan hands to work the knots out of even the most stubborn of muscles. She has a six-month waiting list for new clients.

Rusty Klinkenhammer: This Nocker owns Rusty's Hobby Shop in Davison, which is a mid-level freehold and home to the Childling Motley The Gamer's Guild. Rusty was granted a Knighthood by Count Midsummer to make his custodianship of the freehold legitimate. Rusty is secretly proud of this title, but wild horses couldn't pull that out of him.

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